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Medical Billing Consultants, INC, can solve your most pressing medical billing problems. We do this through an unbeatable combination of best-of-breed technology, world-class process design and an unbeatable team of experienced medical billing professionals.


Physician Credentialing & Contracting Services.


·       Provider enrollment services for physicians (Credentialing& Contracting with Health plans)

·       Medicare Provider enrollment and re-validation.

·       Medicaid enrollment and re-enrollment.

·       Billing & Contracting for: 

        Occupational Therapy

        Physical Therapy

        Speech Therapy

        Respiratory Therapy

·       Consulting Services.

·       Negotiate contracted rates.

·       Quarterly maintenance of CAQH profile.

·       NPI maintenance.


Our professional credentialing staff will keep your information secure and up to date to help navigate smoothly through the process of credentialing, contracting, enrollment, and re-enrollment of Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurances.

Ensure your facility is running smoothly with billing services by Medical Billing Consultants in Miami, Florida. Our superior customer service guarantees your phone calls are handled by experts in all aspects of the medical industry from billing to contracting services. Contact us today to speak with our billing professionals about your specific facility demands.

Medical Billing Consultants handles all phone calls from insurance companies, as well as patients wanting to pay their bills or having questions regarding their payments. With our customer service assistance, your facility is also better able to field calls from doctors asking about proper coding and billing, needing to update a patient's demographic, or notifying you of certain discounts and write-offs.

Whatever amount is submitted into our system, our job at Medical Billing Consultants is to get the payment for your facility. If payment is not received after the 20th day, we call the insurance company to find the cause of the delay. There are several reasons that can cause late payments, including a patient's insurance deductible, the need for a physician's signature, and other minor conflicts. Regardless, our accounts receivable collections department is here to handle all payments, contracts, negotiations with all major insurance company services.

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