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Medical Billing Consultants, Inc, is devoted to providing physicians with the best possible medical billing services available. Our goal is to obtain full and fair financial reimbursement for our clients to whom they are legally entitled for services rendered. We accomplish this with the highest levels of integrity, compliance and moral values and through our expertise in:



  • ICD-9 and CPT coding through the use of medical records, superbills and patient charts.

  • Complete and accurate preparation of all claims with respect to patient information so as to eliminate claim rejections for incomplete or incorrect information.

  • Precise and prompt submission of claims to insurance companies including Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Commercial payers, Workers Compensation, and over 700 other managed care plans.  Claims are submitted either electronically or mailed out (paper claims).

  • Constant and detailed follow-ups on all claim submissions

  • All new clients have consistently experienced higher collection ratios, improved payment cash flows, and better managed accounts receivable when coming from another billing company to us.


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